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Price List Sections
Section 1 - Paper
Section 2 - Canvas and Supports
Section 3 - Oil Painting
Section 4 - Dry Pigments
Section 5 - Brushes
Section 6 - Watercolour, Acrylics, Gouache
Section 7 - Gilding Materials
Section 8 - Craft and Decorative Effects
Section 9 - Printmaking
Section 10 - Writing Equipment
Section 11 - Studio and Miscellaneous
Section 12 - Lefranc & Bourgeois, Charbonnel
Section 13 - Schmincke
Technical Support
We are frequently asked to advise on the use and application of our products.We are always
happy to do this either with the end user or the retailer/reseller of the item. Roberson and its
customers operate in a market environment where it is understood that many of the products
sold and used are natural and variable in nature. We strive to maintain consistency of
products with worldwide suppliers but inevitably variation can take place.
Use of our products is also subject to wide variations of conditions and materials used with
them. Our recommendations are:
• Always test a product before use on a small area. This results in knowledge of how the
product will perform without the risk of affecting the complete project.
• If in doubt please contact us.
Currency and Rate of VAT
All prices in this catalogue are in £ Sterling. Prices have been calculated both excluding and
including VAT at 20%. VAT inclusive prices are liable to change if there are alterations to the
prevailing rate.
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