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Oil Painting

Roberson offer five oil colour ranges from three sources.

The Roberson range of oil colours are made for the professional artist who prefers strong colours which mix well. The tightly defined range of 59 colours in three tube sizes excludes colours which artists may mix for themselves from those already within the range.

The Schmincke range distributed by Roberson comprises two separate colour ranges. Mussini resin oil colours in 118 colours, based on a Florentine recipe passed on to the German company Schmincke in 1881 in which excess oil is replaced by natural resins. Norma Professional is Schmincke's artists' quality range of resin free oil colours in 78 different colours.

Roberson also offer the Lefranc range of Artists' Oil Colours and their Studio Oil range of colours.

Also listed in this section is a vast range of oil-based mediums, varnishes, cleaners and auxiliaries many of them made by Roberson in London to secret recipes formulated in the 19th Century.